Spraying Cats – Why They Do It

In a lot of cases, when a cat stops using the litterbox to urinate, owners often think the cat is spraying. Although this can often be the case, it is certainly not the rule.

There is a key difference between a cat that is spraying and one that is urine marking.

A spraying cat will invariably mark on vertical surfaces. Your wall, the leg of the sofa or the side of the bookcase.

A urine marking cat will typically target a horizontal surface like your bed or just on the carpet.

All cats are quite capable of marking. It doesn’t matter if they are spayed or neutered. Although intact male cats are the most likely to mark, it is not unheard of for an intact or spayed female to do the same.

So why do cats spray in the first place?

To leave what’s called a pheromonal message for other cats to smell. Think of it as a calling card that says “I was here. Now you know.” The only problem is, you don’t need to know that your cat was there!

If you suspect your cat is urine-marking, book a visit to the vet immediately to rule out any medical issues.

Although marking itself is a behavioral pattern, sometimes it can be mistaken and actually be a pre-cursor to a cat with a urinary tract infection and this must be dealt with immediately.